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Mail Order Pharmacy

Your prescription medicines can be sent directly to you by mail — a great convenience for medications you take on an ongoing basis, such as those used to treat chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. Additionally, you could save money by using the mail order pharmacy.

Step 1 The first time your doctor prescribes a medication that you will take on a regular basis, ask for two prescriptions.

The first prescription should be written for a one-month supply that can be immediately filled at a participating retail pharmacy.

The second prescription should be written for a 90-day supply of the medication with refills.

Use the 90-day prescription to obtain your medication from the mail order pharmacy.

The mail order pharmacy cannot alter your prescription, which must be dispensed as written by your doctor. You will be charged according to your pharmacy benefit for any prescription you submit to the mail order pharmacy.

Step 2 Mail OptumRx New Prescription Mail-In Order Form and your prescription.

MAIL — Mail the completed OptumRx New Prescription Mail-in Order Form along with your prescription. Forms are also available by calling the Customer Care number on your ID card. Mail the completed form and your prescription to the address on the mail order form.

Step 3 Pay for your prescription.

You can pay by check, money order or credit card. To enroll for e-check payments, set up an automated payment plan using a credit card and price medications, log in to www.uhcrivervalley.com or call 1-800-948-8779.

We promptly deliver your order in a package that doesn’t indicate the contents. Your prescription order will be delivered to you within seven to 11 days. Your package will include a medication container, refill instructions and information about your medication.

When you have only a two-week supply of your medication left, it’s time to reorder. Refills can be ordered online at the OptumRx Online Pharmacy, by calling Customer Service, Mail Order Pharmacy at 1-800-788-4863, TDHI (for the hearing impaired): 1-800-498-5428, or by mail using the OptumRx New Prescription Mail-In Order Form. Have your member ID number, prescription number and payment method ready.

Pharmacists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions or address concerns from OptumRx Mail Service customers.