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November 2008

RE:  2009 SecureHorizons® Administrative Changes

Dear Valued Physician, Hospital or Health Services Professional:

UnitedHealth Group is pleased to share important information with you about 2009 administrative and benefit changes occurring across the broad portfolio of products offered to Medicare beneficiaries by UnitedHealthcare®, AARP® Medicare Plans, Evercare® and SecureHorizons®.

Plan and product offerings, including HMO, PPO, POS, PFFS, Special Needs Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans, may vary by market.

Identifying Members
In 2009, UnitedHealthcare will cover members in Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Special Needs Plans under several brand names listed below.

You may see these product brands used individually or in combination with our new portfolio brand: UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Solutions.

  • AARP® MedicareComplete™ from SecureHorizons®
  • AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance insured by UnitedHealthcare
  • Evercare®
  • PacifiCare Senior Security
  • PacifiCare Senior Supplement
  • SecureHorizons® by UnitedHealthcare
  • SecureHorizons Medicare Supplement
  • UnitedHealthcare® MedicareDirectSM by SecureHorizons

Although the process of integrating some of the key administrative systems continues, member data is currently housed in multiple systems. Please continue to check eligibility, claims status and benefit plan information through the same website(s) you have utilized in past years.


Member Identification Cards
Member Identification Cards have been redesigned for standardization and clarity. Member Identification Cards issued in 2009 will feature the product brand (AARP™ MedicareComplete from SecureHorizons®, Evercare®, SecureHorizons® by UnitedHealthcare or UnitedHealthcare® MedicareDirect) on the front of the card and the new UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions brand on the back. Please note that some Member Identification Cards with the old design may still be in use as well.

Identification Card Samples
AARP MedicareComplete HMO/PPO/POS
Group Retiree
SecureHorizons - PFFS
SecureHorizons MedicareComplete HMO/PPO/POS

Provider Reference Materials
The reference materials below provide some key information you and your staff may find useful to administer the portfolio of products with which you currently participate. Additional information about policies, protocols and other clinical and administrative topics for SecureHorizons® by UnitedHealthcare, AARP™ MedicareComplete from SecureHorizons® and Evercare® are available on the Policies & Protocols page or the website you are accustomed to using based upon your contractual relationship with UnitedHealthcare and its affiliates.

Benefit Plan Name Overview
Evercare Service Area Map (Color)
Evercare Service Area Map (B&W)
Prescription Solutions Pharmacy Benefit Protocol
SecureHorizons Service Area Map (Color)
SecureHorizons Service Area Map (B&W)
Wellness Service Options – SecureHorizons

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans
For additional information about Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans products and services, call the customer service telephone number listed on the customer identification card or visit the website listed below for a more general overview of plan offerings.

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans — AARPHealth.com
SecureHorizons Medicare Supplement Plans — SecureHorizons.com
Sierra Health and Life Medicare Supplement Plans — SierraHealthandLife.com

Group Supplement Insurance Plans
For additional information about group-sponsored health plans for Medicare-eligible persons, call the customer service telephone number listed on the customer identification card.

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs)
PDPs are voluntary programs offered by insurance providers or other companies approved by Medicare. UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions offers high-quality, affordable Medicare Part D prescription drug plans (PDPs) under the AARP® MedicareRx brand, the UnitedHealth Rx brand, and Sierra Health & Life  brand. In 2009, Medicare beneficiaries can choose from several plans:

  • AARP® MedicareRx Saver
  • AARP® MedicareRx Preferred
  • AARP® MedicareRx Enhanced
  • SierraRx by Sierra Health and Life Insurance Company
  • UnitedHealth Rx Basic

For additional information about our PDP products, please visit the member website at AARPMedicareRx.com, SierraRx.com or UnitedHealthRx.com.

Private Fee-For-Service Plans (PFFS) — Non-Contracted, Non-Network
SecureHorizons MedicareDirect is a PFFS plan with benefits offered to both individual and group-sponsored Medicare beneficiaries. UnitedHealthcare® MedicareDirect offers PFFS plans to group-sponsored retirees of one specific employer group only*. Medical and pharmacy benefits for Group Retiree enrollees are determined by the employer group sponsoring the Medicare beneficiary’s benefits. For additional information and administrative resources specific to these non-contracted, non-network based plans, please visit the PFFS page on unitedhealthcareonline.com.

*NOTE: UnitedHealthcare MedicareDirect is a brand name that only applies to the Georgia State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) Retirees. More information is available at the PFFS page under Announcements.

Special Needs Plans (SNPs) — Evercare®
Evercare, a division of UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, offers special needs Medicare Advantage plans that provide full Medicare health care coverage and prescription drug coverage plus additional benefits and services for people who have long-term or advanced illness, are older or have disabilities.

Through your previous participation in a UnitedHealth Group, Oxford Health Plan or PacifiCare provider network, you are already contracted for Evercare plans. There is nothing additional you need to do to participate in the Evercare network. Your reimbursement for Evercare services is the same as your current compensation under other UnitedHealth Group, Oxford Health Plans or PacifiCare Medicare plans. There has been no change to your contract.

Please click here or visit EvercareHealthPlans.com for additional information.

Plans Offered in Your Service Area
Please visit our member website(s) at AARPMedicareComplete.com, SecureHorizons.com or EvercareHealthPlans.com to utilize Planfinder by entering your ZIP Code to view the 2009 benefit plans available in your service area.