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Provider Registration

To gain access to the Provider eServices website you must first identify a Security Administrator. The Security Administrator is the primary contact and is responsible for maintaining access for all users within your office.  The Security Administrator will have the ability to add other users, delete a user or to modify a user’s access thru an online form once logged into the Provider eServices website.

These forms are for UnitedHealthcare of the River Valley, Neighborhood Health Partnership and UnitedHealthcare hawk-i providers.  Other UnitedHealthcare Community Plan providers not previously listed should register on Community Plan Online.

There are two types of Security Administrators. Please select the appropriate form(s).

1. Provider Office Security Administrator – This form should be completed by an authorizing provider for the provider office.
Provider Office Security Administrator

2. External Billing Service Security Administrator – If your office is an External Billing Service that provides a service to providers outside your corporate entity and collects a fee for that service, the following forms must be completed.  The Provider Billing Service Permission form is required for every requested Tax ID and should be completed by the owner of each Tax ID for which you are requesting access. This form gives UnitedHealthcare authority to grant permission to the billing office to view tax information of the named provider office.
Provider Billing Service Permission - This form should be completed by the provider.
External Billing Service Security Administrator - This form should be completed by an authorized individual for the billing service.

Note: Security Administrators should expect to receive their User ID and Password within 7-10 business days via US mail.  For security purposes, they will be separate letters mailed a couple days apart.