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Provider Payer ID Changes for Heritage Plan Members

June 5, 2014

Please be advised that Heritage plan members will be mailed new health plan ID cards on June 10. If you have clients currently enrolled on a Heritage plan, please let your clients know that their employees should begin using their new health plan ID cards immediately upon receipt so that their claims will be processed correctly.

Has there been a change to member benefits?
No. There has been no change to member benefits.

Why are members receiving new health plan ID cards?
The payer ID has changed. It's important that their providers have the correct number. This ID tells providers where to send claims.

What should my clients tell employees to do next once they receive their new card?
Destroy the old health plan ID card. Employees should use their new card the next time they receive health care services.

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your clients and are committed to helping you make the best use of your health care benefits.

If Heritage plan members have inquiries about the letter/ID card they receive or questions related to their health insurance, they may call toll-free at 1-800-224-6602.
TTY users can dial 711.

Your Heritage plan clients will be notified, as well, via electronic communication from their local sales office.

For more information, please contact your representative.