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for girls and boys only
- Tips to keep the pounds down.
How's Your Driving?
- Girls Driving Badly?
Tame Your Temper
- Do You Want to be a Rock Star? Drink Milk!
Do you have a need for speed? Try drinking milk!

"Healthy Living" means having good diet, exercise and hygiene habits. It also means taking care of chronic illnesses. Learn more about these subjects:
- Healthy Hygience Tips for Looking Your Best - Eat Your Way to School Success
- Fact or Fiction Vaccines - Building Better Health
- Don't Let Asthma Keep You
From Achieving Success
- Nutrition

angry teen

The teenage years can be tough, and it's ok to feel sad once in a while. But if these feelings don't go away or become so bad that you feel you can't handle them, you may be depressed.

Learn about "Depression Help for Young People"

Teenagers have so many relationships: school friends, online friends, teammates, boy/girlfriends, parents, teachers. The following may help you with your relationships:
Teens - Online Identity
- Bullying
- Peer Pressure

Pregnancy can be scary, especially for teens. If you think you might be pregnant, then you may want to read the following:
- I Think I'm Pregnant - Telling Your Family
- Free text4baby Messages for New Moms - About Healthy First Steps
- Your Baby Needs a Car Seat! - Get Help - Contact Us

Do You Have Special Needs?

Do you have vision or hearing problems?

Have you been mistreated?

Do you need interpretation or translation services?

If you answered yes to any of these, please call us at 1-800-690-1606 (TTY/TDD - 711).

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- TennCare Kids Newsletters

Need a Ride?
CorvetteIf you need help making an appointment, please call United Healthcare Community Plan at 1-800-690-1606. You can get a ride to the doctor for needed TennCare Kid health services. An adult may ride with you. These rides are FREE.

Cool Health Links
- Girlshealth.gov
- Información para adolescentes
- TeensHealth.org
- Teens In Charge!
- Young Men's Health